How to book a car wash online

Car detailing services have existed longer than your typical automatic car washes. While automatic car washes are quick and cheap, they also commonly cause damage to the clear coat finish which involves extended effort to repair or correct. If you don't have the time to wash your vehicle, Auto Details of Tallahassee is here to serve you with on demand car care that comes to you to provide you with hassle free car care.

Paint Polishing and Interior Detailing

Our two most commonly requested services are paint polishing and interior detailing as I assume these are the two areas where general car wash type opperations overlook or provide poor service. We are happy to pick up where others leave off and provide service others dont. We offer full service auto detailing for both the interior and exterior of your vehicle which includes everything from your basic exterior wash to a full interior detail with carpet shampoo, steam cleaning and exterior paint correction and polish.

On Demand Car Care

Auto Details provides on demand car care services that come to you at your request. Schedule an appoitment and we will come to your desired location and time to service your vehicle on the spot. We specialize in professional car washing, detailing and paint protection. We can restore damage caused by automatic mechanical car washes along with installing paint protection that will keep your vehicles paint and clear coat finish clean, shiney and protected for years.

Skilled Team Members

Our skilled team of car care specialists provide enthusiast grade service. We have experimented with many car care products and use the best to provide a quality service for not only our own vehicles, but for many professionals in the Tallahassee FL area.

Gabriel Wiedenhoever

Gabriel Wiedenhoever is the top car care specialist for Auto Details of Tallahassee FL. Call or Text (850)728-8323 to set up your appointment today.

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  • John S March 25 2019 Reply

    Auto Details and Gabriel do a great job. Thank You! More...Less...

  • David O March 25 2019 Reply

    Now that pollen season is in full swing I am sure that the boys at Tallahassee Auto Detailing are going to see my car appear much more often. The best of show wax is really keeping my truck looking showroom new. More...Less...

  • Pam S March 25 2019 Reply

    Full interior detailing turned out great. Thanks again! More...Less...