About Tallahassee Auto Detailing

Tallahassee Auto Detailing is a mobile auto detailing service that comes to you to provide premium car care services. Our area of expertise is in regular car washes and interior detailing, we primarily serve sedans, coupes and light duty trucks but can also detail larger vehicles as needed. We employ only the most skilled auto detailers. We are focused on providing the best car care products and services to our customers. We are proud to primarily utilize car care products from Chemical Guys, this allows us to provide an unbeatable shine for our customers at a reasonable price.

We were first car enthusiasts to the core and learned from experience what are the best car care products and methods, the inspiration for starting Tallahassee Auto Detailing actually interestingly arose from people walking up to us while we were caring for our own vehicle(s) to ask if we could wash and wax their vehicle next.

Our Services:

Onsite Auto Detailing
Ceramic Wax Coatings
Engine Detailing
Interior Fabric Shampoo and Detailing
Mobile Car Wash and Wax
Paste Wax
Rotary Wax Buffing
Paint Restoration
Plastic Trim Restoration
Headlight Restoration

Schedule An Appointment Today and remember at Tallahassee Auto Detailing,
We’ll Sweat The Details, So You Can Enjoy The Shine!”