Advance Auto Parts Bought Diehard Car Battery Brand

It was recently announced that Advance Auto Parts purchased the Die Hard brand from Sears in a deal worth $200 million. The last few decades have been hard for Sears which for over a decade has been loosing money and if you have visited one of their stores before the upper management made the decision to close the location you would have seen how calm it was with so few customers and no sales associates to help you find what you needed.

While there is an old joke that, “Sears gives you Tears”, Sears use to be a huge American conglomerate that was able to capture a nice portion of the average Americans consumption basket for everything from basic retail products to professional financial services with their Discover credit card and ownership of real estate brokerage brand Coldwell Banker, stock brokerage house Dean Witter and insurance company Allstate.

This placed Sears at the center of many industries, but being a jack of all trades was not a recipe for success as their core business had crucial capital pulled away for these side businesses, leaving their stores overly large in need of some updating. It is hard to get around the fact that having so much space puts them in a bad position when it comes to per square foot sales, but Sears did have some well recognized and respected brands along with an automotive center, maybe they should have focused on what was working and cut out the stuff the stuff that wasn’t. Did you know Woolworths was successfully pivoted into specialty shoe retailer Foot Locker?

It might have been wise for Sears to get into specialty retailing but JC Penny tried and failed to make their stores a bunch of specialty retail areas houses in one building which was not a winning formula for them. The answer possibly is that they do not need all that space. While Sears no longer has a physical location in Tallahassee FL, some of their brands will still live on under new ownership. As far as I know though, they did not have a professional car cleaning section or mobile detailing service. For professional Auto Detailing in Tallahassee please contact Gabriel at Tallahassee Auto Detailing LLC at (850)728-8323.