Are All Car Washes The Same in Tallahassee?

Offering a car wash service is a low barrier to entry business, in fact you can probably get a car wash down at the batting cages or by any high school athletic team on the weekends as part of a fundraiser, but the quality of the was is another question. Anyone can claim that their service is auto detailing and so a perception is developed within the buying public that all services are interchangeable like going from retailer to retailer to find the best price on a new flat screen tv and while comparison shopping is great. The comparison for automotive detailing services should not begin at the highest level of name of service, but actually the details that make up that service. 

Some of these full service car washes provide the basics of an exterior wash by mechanical machine and then an quick interior vacuuming and as far as I’m concerned that is not auto detailing or a proper full service car wash, but those types of business are pushed for time to have the highest volume possible. 

A proper auto detailing service should take some time and focus on the details. Switches and vents can be time consuming to clean and wash. Floor mats that have embedded debris may not simply come up with a vacuum. Meaning that the use of various different brushes and towels may need to be used which increases the time commitment requires to properly detail the vehicle. At Tallahassee Auto Detailing our standard complete automotive detailing packages requires two detailing technicians two or so hours to complete along with the fact that we are mobile and come to your location and provide all the specialty knowledge, tools and products to make your vehicle shine like the holidays.

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