Auto Carpet Cleaning In Tallahassee

Our vehicles carpets can begin to look dirty over time as we go about our day to day activities, leaving dirt, crumbs, trash and other debris to accumulate in the carpets and floormats. Having clean carpets is a big portion of any auto detailing service because as you open the door to get into your vehicle, the carpets and seats are some of the first areas that will come into view which is why sometimes when you taking your vehicle in for service at some auto mechanic shops/garages will have them leave a paper floor mat over your floor mat to ensure that they don’t have any added grease or dirt transfer onto your floor mats and carpets, it also acts as a nice touch to nonverbally communicate that “we care”.

Depending on how dirty your vehicles interior carpets are will determine how long and how much effort it will take to clean. It also depends on what level of cleanliness you are going for. You can do anything from a basic vacuum to remove larger debris to a more detailed cleaning with vacuums, brushes, hot water extractor, various chemicals and cleaning methods where seats may be removed to ensure that you get every nook and cranny.   

To start the interior cleaning process of a vehicle’s carpets and floor mats we first remove all large debris and trash along with any removeable floor mats / carpet inserts and dumping them out by hand to remove any loose debris. Once everything is organized on the interior, we can begin the interior detailing process. A shop vac is used to vacuum the floor mats and carpets and touch to reach places in the most forward portion of the vehicles cabin around the accelerator and brake pedals leading all the way back to the tailgate or trunk. The vacuum will be able to remove some of the looser dirt and debris, but may still leave some traces in the corners and other areas where smaller debris may have worked their way into the fibers of the carpets and floor mats over time. To remove this debris may take extra effort with a brush to loosen up the dirt and debris before going over the area again with the vacuum.

Once the debris has been removed, we can then begin the focus to look for stains, when stains a located a cleaner along with cold water will be used to treat the area. A quality carpet cleaner and spot treatment will be used to help lift the stain to the surface and a brush tool will be used to aid in the process. Working the area in larger sections and not leaving excess cleaner in one concentrated area will help to ensure that no cleaning marks or rings are left after the stains have been removed. Once the process of treating the stain with the proper cleaner and aiding that process with a brush tool has been repeated as many times as necessary the final step is to go over it with a hot water extractor tool which uses formulated carpet cleaner and sanitizer to remove any less visible grime, leaving a nice scent.

Cleaning vehicle carpets the right way is very labor intensive and is sure to make you break a sweat even in the middle of winter in Tallahassee Florida. To have your vehicles carpets cleaned and sanitized along with the rest of your vehicle detailed, give Tallahassee Auto Detailing a call at (850) 728 – 8323 or schedule and appointment online.