Auto Detailing in Tallahassee FL

It’s funny that we are known for being the sunshine state here in Florida and Tallahassee, FL is the capital city of Florida and only a few hours to the coast with sugar white sand beaches yet with all the fun in the sun there doesn’t seem to be the intense obsession with keeping your car sparkly clean like there is out in Southern California or even south Florida, yet there does seem to be pockets of enthusiasts here in Tallahassee FL and the surrounding areas and the car care professionals at Tallahassee Auto Detailing aim to serve those customers along with any other customers that desire to either keep their car as clean as it can be or just have the interior and exterior professional cleaned the one time.

We specialize in soft touch services that will not cause any damage to the exterior finishes of your vehicle. In fact we can restore damage caused by automatic brush car washes that aggressively grind imbedded dirt and grime into the finish of your vehicle causing millions of light superficial scratches and swirls that only be removed little by little by having a professional automotive detailing technician level the clear coat finish of your vehicle to the base of these scratches thereby making the clear coat finish of your vehicle much thinner than it was from the factory or paint shop. This will remove the appearance of these scratches and with the scratches in the clear coat damage from damage caused by automatic car washes you may not have any less protection for the paint with the clear coat finish in its damaged condition.

After we perform a paint correction to remove the damage caused by automatic car washes we recommend that our customers have some sort of sealant barrier applied to provide added protection as the clear coat is much thinner than it was when it left the painting booth. We personally use a ceramic sealant which is a glass particle based product that acts as a super hard wax that will provide a barrier of protection for your vehicles painted and clear coat finishes along with make it truly shine and look good in the sun of the sunshine state here in Florida.

Going from Southern California to North Florida certainly is a change as here in Tallahassee FL there is only a handful of full time full service auto detailing services and few if any auto detailing supply shops. In other regions and areas where auto detailing is much more popular you can actually find entire retail storefronts dedicated to serving not only the automotive detailing community with a large assortment of washes, waxes and shampoos, but also some of the specialized tools used by auto detailers. It’s easier to get a start out there even with the intense completion from a professional car cleaning service practically on every busy corner. The Tallahassee FL market is certainly different but it is sort of interesting what you can find when you are not expecting it. Having serving vehicles in the Tallahassee FL we have seen quite or few interesting cars and are eager to service your vehicle. To schedule your professional car cleaning service of both the interior and exterior surfaces of your car, truck or van please call or text Gabriel Wiedenhoever with Tallahassee Auto Detailing at (850)728-8323 or click the schedule online button on the homepage to set up your Tallahassee Auto Detailing appointment online.