Auto Detailing To Sell Your Vehicle

When it comes time to sell a vehicle you have a few options of trying to trade it in at a used or new car dealership on another vehicle or you can try to sell the vehicle yourself as a private party transaction where you may get a higher price, but forgo any potential sales tax savings. Trading a vehicle into a dealership even with a lower than expected offer may be good if it is less than say seven percent off of from what you were expecting to get as you have the trade in value to offset the purchase price of your new vehicle which would be subject to sales tax in the state of Florida of seven and a half percent on the price of the vehicle plus any associated dealer processing and reconditioning fees.

Should you choose to sell your vehicle as a private party you will want to first gather together all the documentation for the vehicle plus any service manuals and service records you may have plus make sure any mechanical issues or addressed or at least noted. Once you have all the paper work and related books and manuals ready to go you will want to make sure that your vehicle presents well as there is an old adage “that a clean car, runs better” and while there may be little scientific evidence to support this other than maybe keeping the air filter cleaner or something, it is true that first impressions count. You want to make sure your vehicle is properly reconditioned at least for the advertisement. You could either hire an auto detailer or choose to try and clean and recondition it yourself.

A good car wash and wax, a couple buckets, shop vac, various dressings and a bunch of soft towels plus some elbow grease can do a lot to improve the visual appeal of your vehicles. use to be the largest mobile auto detailing service in Tallahassee, FL with over five trucks serving customers in the greater capital city area plus taking on dealership reconditioning work for all of Proctor Acura’s used cars. Tallahassee Auto Detailing is now serving Tallahassee with similar professional car cleaning and reconditioning services which are especially ideal when it comes time to try and sell your vehicle as a private party.

Once your car has been professionally cleaned and reconditioned you will want to take pictures that are appealing. I personally like to take pictures at ground level with a simple background and the sun beaming down on your professionally detailed vehicle. With good pictures should be a nice description and competitive pricing that finish off your listing to give your vehicle a professional presentation to perspective buyers.

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