Automotive Wax, Sealant or Ceramic Coating?

With overcast in the current weeks weather and winter turning to spring, it won’t be too long until the pollen season is in full swing to irritate allergies and increase the need for complete exterior vehicle washes. In preparation for this season it might be wise to prepare your vehicle for the season of pollen with a high quality automotive wax, sealant or ceramic coating.

The benefits of having some form of vehicle paint protection on your cars exterior finish can come quite in handy for the pollen season as pollen really likes to cling to unprotected finishes that can cause it to accumulate more rapidly and become harder to safely remove. A vehicle that has a really hard ceramic coating can after a really strong rains storm look almost new which is why some professionals in the auto detailing world sort of claim that ceramic coatings can cause your vehicle to have an almost self cleaning ability, but all three forms of paint protection can have added benefits in protecting your vehicle from the pollen season.

To better understand the different forms of paint protection let’s outline the basics of each and discuss some of the pros and cons for each. 

The most commonly understood form of paint protection is an automotive wax and carnauba or ivory carnauba are probably the most nicely used forms of plant based automotive waxes. Almost every car wash or basic automotive wash product might advertise containing carnauba wax, but the concentrations may very widely. A quality ivory carnauba wax can be quite pricey, but the average enthusiast may find it easy to properly apply to their vehicle if they are not afraid to use a little elbow grease and have an hour or two of free time to commit to the project. A quality automotive wax will provide paint protection for approximately three months or so depending on the weather conditions and how the vehicle is stored. While the paint protection may not be very long lasting the end result is kind of hard to beat. A quality automotive wax will provide that deep mirror like shine with all the metallic metal flake really coming back to life if you have a metallic paint on your vehicle and there aren’t many imperfections requiring a compound or some other form of added attention.  

Another option is a paint sealant which is typically not a plant based product and will provide longer lasting protection at the expense of not having as brilliant of a shine. A quality automotive paint sealant may provide protection for approximately a year under the right conditions. With the extended protection capability of a sealant, but lack of a mirror like brilliant shine some automotive detailing technicians may combine the two and apply a layer of sealant over the top of a high quality ivory carnauba wax to provide a mirror like brilliant shine that is protected for a full year instead of having to reapply wax every quarter. Although maybe you are a hobbyist and get sort of an enjoyment out of waxing your vehicle quarterly, if that is you we understand. Some of the really high end exotic cars are strictly hand waxed/ polished.

Another option for paint protection that is gaining popularity among the automotive detailing community is ceramic coatings which is an almost glass based product that provides a brilliant shine with multiple years of paint protection. These products are a little harder to apply if you want to properly level it on the exterior surfaces of your vehicle. A quality ceramic coating may last five years or more and be a very hard form of paint protection. A ceramic coating is basically the best form of paint protection for those vehicles that require a full paint correction service due to damage caused by mechanical automatic car washes.

Whether you need a quality wax, wax and sealant, sealant or ceramic coating service, all can be quite beneficial for your vehicle in preparation for the pollen season. Another option is to simply have your vehicle regularly detailed with a spray wax and Tallahassee Auto Detailing specializes in everything for regular maintenance washes to full paint correction and ceramic coating services.