Best Tallahassee Auto Detailing Tire Dressing

One of the main finishing touches of a complete auto detailing service is the application of the tire dressing. To apply tire dressing the tire should be properly cleaned with a cleaner as some tires will begin to brown due to heat and break dust and other grime that will discolor the tire and over an extended period of time will lead to possible damage to the tire in the form of expedited dry rotting or cracking. A quality tire dressing can not only provide a wonderful deep black mirror like shine to your tires which is cosmetically appealing to the appearance of your car, truck, suv or van, but also can provide protection for that one side of your tires sidewall.

All tire dressings are not made the same, some are more able to penetrate the tire and provide lasting protection and shine due to the polymers that make up the tire dressing itself. On the cheaper end you have water based tire dressings which is what is commonly found at your local car wash or full service car wash. The water based tire dressings don’t stain concrete and will make your tires look shiny until the first light rain. These water based tire dressings come in matte and glossy finishes and some may like the less glossy finish that makes it look more like a new tire as opposed to a fully dressed tires. 

On the other end of the spectrum you have petroleum based tire dressings that can either come in a gel or an aerosol spray. These petroleum based tire dressings tend to be more heavy duty and will provide a deep mirror black shine to your tires. A gel may last longer than a spray, but can be more time intensive to apply. With these petroleum based tire dressings there is needed time for it to dry and adhere to the tire the best it possibly can otherwise the dressing is more apt to sling. With the water based tire dressings it may not last through the rain, but there should be absolutely no slinging if properly applied.

At Tallahassee Auto Detailing we stock a full selection of tire dressings in gel and spray form with either petroleum based or water based. To schedule your appointment for a complete mobile auto detailing service in Tallahassee FL please call or text Gabriel with Tallahassee Auto Detailing at (850)728-8323.