Blue Water Car Wash

Blue Water Car Wash is a smaller chain of car wash locations throughout Florida and the south east. There is a relatively new Blue Water Car Wash location in Tallahassee at 2819 Capital Cir NE. Blue Water Car wash offers free vacuums with all car wash services along with a variety of packages; from your basic wash at only six dollars to their ultimate foam bath package which includes; Blue Water Carnuba Shine, Triple Foam Polish, Wheel Prep, Tire Shine, Vision Clear Windshield Treatment, Sealer Wax, Wash Prep, Wheel Bright and their Waterfall during their machine wash process and Turbo Dry. For twenty dollars a visit of forty nine dollars per month the foam bath package is a nice way to quickly get your car washed on the go. The issue with this is that some things may be overlooked as their tire prep process for cleaning and protection is not very detailed and the drying process is at high volume and so you should not expect the individualized attention of a full mobile auto detailing service. Also there is no attention provided with this and you have to service your interior utilizing their free vacuums. My biggest concern with Blue Water Car Wash and all other automatic machine car washes is the fact that they are machine operated and so the equipment can be hard on your car taking off panels or antennas to either damage your car and/or cars that follow you through the machine car wash tunnel. If you are willing to sacrifice speed and cost over quality then you may not need the services of a professional mobile auto detailing service such as Tallahassee Auto Detailing.