Brushless Car Wash Tallahassee

Mechanical automatic car washes can seem like an easy fix to the issue of having a dirty car that you would like to have cleaned. Car washes tend to be located in very convenient locations on our normal commutes and such and the fact that when you pass your local car wash and see that other people are having their cars cleaned is just the amount of social proof you need to take your vehicle through the automatic car wash and maybe get the premium package for under thirty dollars and it supposedly includes everything. While I have never taken my own personal vehicle through an automatic car wash or one of these supposed car wash and detailing establishments around town, I have seen the result of what can happen to a car especially of dark color with a soft clear coat finish when it is taken through an automatic car wash and has taken a beating from the car washes automatic brushes that whip around and grind dirt and contaminants into the paint and clear coat leaving micro marring and nasty swirls down the entire length of the vehicle. Some car washes also advertise that they offer a brushless wash that utilizes high powered jets that clean the car and I am not sure how effective that is as that is not the proper method in which to brushless wash a car. Instead there seems to be no short cut in getting a much desired and demanded professional result that a hand wash with premium car wash shampoo and spray waxes can achieve if routinely performed.

This kind of damage from extended exposure to the rough brushes and aging equipment of the local car wash establishment requires a professional paint correction with specialized products, techniques and enthusiast grade orbitals which is one of the more ideal services provided by an auto detailer, but paint corrections come at an increased cost. Professional paint corrections cost hundreds of dollars or more and is not a service you can do too many times before it is time for a new paint job. Instead it may be more cost effective and ultimately extend the life of your cars paint and clear coat finish to simply have your car hand washed monthly with the appropriate products and techniques. Tallahassee Auto Detailing provides a brushless hand wash and soft towel drying along with basic interior detailing to our returning customers at fifty percent off. Our normal rates for the complete detail package start at $100, but we will gladly maintain this look and appearance both inside and out at fifty percent off or $50 per monthly visit. For more information or to schedule your brushless wash or complete vehicle detail please call (850) 728 – 8323 or Schedule an Appointment Online and remember at Tallahassee Auto Detailing, “We’ll Sweat The Details, So You Can Enjoy The Shine!”