California Car

 you have a hobby car or peruse the old/ car websites you might read sellers describing their cars as being a “California Car” or something as a pro to this specific vehicle being better than the rest. While it might seem that a “California Car” is either some kind of a cycle car that the EPA has concocted or possibly a sporty drop top to cruise the U.S 101 up the pacific coast, people generally mean that the vehicle has not been exposed to harsh conditions when they describe an antique car as a “California Car”. 

Due to the fact that Florida also generally has good weather and advertises itself as the “sunshine state” with the vibrant tourism industry why it isn’t as commonly advertised that a classic car was a “Florida Car”. Maybe it has something to do with the demand for automotive detailing services in specific regions and not just the emissions requirements and such. 

I wonder if we can get a new thing going with lingo of a car being a North FL car or Tallahassee FL as a positive when describing a car that has been well cared for cosmetically and exposed to better weather conditions.