Car Wash or Car Detailing?

Car washes are not made equal, there are many different car care products available to wash and condition your paint. Depending on the condition of your paint some washes may be too aggressive and end up shortening the life of your paint. Regularly keeping your paint clean and protected is the key to having a long lasting bright and shiny paint job that will stand up to the bright and high UV rated sunshine in Tallahassee Florida.  

Some may feel that a car wash is a car wash and that automatic mechanical car washes deliver good enough results. Mechanical automatic car washes seem pretty cool especially to a youngster, but running your vehicle through a mechanical car wash puts your vehicle at the risk of damage should your vehicle become malpositioned in the track system or if some other foreign object is caught in the wash brushes from a previous wash. Not to mention, that the chemicals used in most automatic mechanical car wash systems contain harsh abrasives and very little wax protection for your paint.

Car detailing takes the place of a car wash in that it removes contaminants from the interior and exterior surfaces of your car, but in a safer and more detailed fashion (pun intended). A car detailing service will take the time to clean all faces of a wheel rim instead of just the face outside surface of your wheels. This is an exterior surface that is not typically adequately cleaned by a wash. Car detailing is not as simple as just spraying your vehicle with a hose and calling it a day like some so-called car detailers do at some of the car rental lots in town. It is the use of specialized equipment and methods to make sure that your interior and exterior surfaces can present themselves in the best way possible.