Complete Exterior Wash

Kia Sorento:

Complete Exterior Wash:

Some people might feel that a car wash is a car wash and some auto “detailers” may feel that an adequate detail consists of a quick rinse with a hose and speed-dry on the Interstate. There is a wide range of quality in what should be considered a hard water rinse, a car wash and a proper auto detailing service. The distinction seems to have been blurred with car wash establishments, such as Super Suds being equated to a proper car detailing service.

At Tallahassee Auto Detailing, we view each vehicle as a 3D artform. As car enthusiasts ourselves, we have experimented with different products and only use the best to ensure a show-room quality result.

Our exterior wash approach starts with rinsing down your vehicle(s) and removing any large debris. We apply a thick coat of premium car wash shampoo with a foam cannon which gently lifts dirt and grime to the surface, where it can be safely removed. Following a chenille wash-mitt treatment, your vehicle(s) are rinsed and soft-towel dried in preparation for the final steps.

Our finishing touch includes wiping down door sills, weather stripping, fuel doors, wheel wells, wheels and tires, along with many areas commonly overlooked by others. All plastic trims are dressed to a matte finish and glass is cleaned with a new microfiber towel and a premium aerosol glass cleaner.

Interior Detail Service:

According to a OnePoll study conducted on behalf of Cooper Tires, the average American spends eighteen days driving per year, with an average of eight hours and twenty-two minutes per week, equating to 11,500 miles per year. Your vehicle(s) can act as your mobile office or home away from home so keeping it clean is a top priority. The pace of everyday life leaves you with little time to give your cars interior the attention it deserves. Let Tallahassee Auto Detailing do the work! Tallahassee Auto Detailing utilizes the proper chemicals and methods to deep-scrub your carpet, floor mats and cloth interior. Our ShopVac is capable of removing all loose debris that may be embedded in your cars floormats/carpets and tough to reach places. Following our vacuum service, we freshen up your carpets/mats with our fabric refresher. We also condition soft and hard plastics, rubber trims and leather seats. Our interior protectants shields your dash from the suns harmful UV rays and gives your interior that detailed look. We can also restore interiors that have been neglected for an extended period of time due to long periods of storage or lack of use.

Express vs. Complete Detail: What’s the Right One for Me?

Our express detail is mainly catered towards cars that are routinely serviced and don’t require heavy duty or extended attention to detail. This package includes: a basic exterior hand wash, a quick interior vacuuming, an application of water-based tire dressing and cleaning the outside of your windshield and windows.

If you want your car to sparkle like the holidays, our complete detail is for you. This package includes: an application of premium car wash shampoo, a spot clean and a deep scrub of the carpets if necessary, cleaning and dressing of all exterior trims including wheel well liners, application of petroleum-based tire gel and a detailed cleaning of all windows, both inside and out.

We look forward to serving you!

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