Do I Need To Polish My Vehicle?

Today all modern cars tend to have a nice clear coat finish over a couple of coats of paint. The paint used on vehicles today also tends to offer new advancements such as metal flake or metallic paints that really glisten in the sun light to make your car “sparkle like the holidays” given a proper car care regimen and exterior wash interval. The question for many car owners today is whether or not it is necessary to polish or wax the exterior of your vehicle given the fact that paint manufactures tend to use clear coat finishes and such that seal in the paint and add protection for the paint. While this is true that the clear coat does provide protection for the paint, without a regular wash and or wax/polish there may be nothing to protect the clear coats which over time can begin to peel or bubble and it is not long until you have total clear coat failure that looks unappealing along but can lead to further damage if not corrected.

Automotive waxes and polishes act as a sealant for the clear coats to provide protection often for three months or more depending on the weather and climate conditions and how the vehicle is used and cared for on a day to day basis.

The other thing with waxes in polishes is what should I use on the finish of my car and what methods should be utilized to apply it to the finish. While certain luxury car manufactures may advertise that their cars are hand polished as a plus, hand polishing is very labor intensive and so far as I can tell the average person can not move a hand polish applicator pad around as fast as a machine that is capable of correcting any issues in the paint. If you have a newly painted surface without any issues you may want to consider using a glaze applied by hand to allow the surface of the paint and clear coat to breath while still adding needed protection and increased mirror like shine.

When it comes to waxes there are many different products available and some that may claim to combine all the steps of decontamination, cleaning and polishing all in one step and while these can be good products to have on the go, it is almost always worth the extra effort to apply separate products for each step to create a superior end result. Many car washes claim to use carnuba wax and carnuba wax comes from a palm like plant that works wonders in adding a mirror like shine to the paint, but not all carnuba wax is made equal. The “carnuba” wax offered as part of a works full auto wash package at your local car wash may be a much diluted form of carnuba and cannot compare to an enthusiast grade carnuba that has been refined into an ivory wax. These ivory carnuba waxes when applied correctly create a mirror like shine while adding protection that will bead water for many months between applications.

I can’t even tell the difference between a car wash package that contains no wax and a car wash package that reportedly contains some carnuba wax at the local oasis auto spa or blue water car wash, but there is a noticeable difference between a car that has been treated with a ivory carnuba wax or premium multi step polish and a vehicle that has not. Customers often feel that a wax or polish is not needed for their vehicle and depending on how much you care for your vehicle and how quick you are to remove containment’s from the surface of the vehicle as they accumulate may dictate whether a wax or polish is a beneficial service in terms of extending the longevity of your cars exterior paint job and clear coat. Whatever you do, keep the exterior of your car clean as possible and avoid mechanical car washes which damage clear coat surfaces and fail to remove containment’s like tree sap which if left on the surface over time become harder to remove especially if the exterior painted surface of your vehicle has been dried out by harsh powdered soaps from mechanical car washes and no premium wax or polish protectant that allow for all containment’s to be removed with more ease. To have your vehicle polished in addition to detailed please contact Tallahassee Auto Detailing at (850) 728 – 8323 or schedule and appointment online.