Foam Cannon Exterior Wash by Tallahassee Auto Detailing

An exterior wash is commonly what we think about when you hear the words car wash and for auto detailing you should think both interior and exterior professional vehicle cleaning. When it comes to the exterior wash there are various ways to apply the wash shampoo solution. You can either use the two bucket method with a hose which is probably the most common way an individual would wash their vehicle. This can be very effective and simple without the need for any added equipment. Although if your vehicle is very dirty with lots of dirt and grime, trying to remove with the two bucket method and a hose may cause superficial scratching. Another method to complete an exterior wash is the use of a pressure washer and a foam cannon attachment which works to combine high pressure water with a premium car wash shampoo to create a foam cleaner that will safely raise the dirty and grime to the surface of your vehicles finish where it can be safely removed by a stream of water or through further gentle agitation with a chenille wash mitt and then a repeat treatment of water either with or without the foam cannon attachment.

At Tallahassee Auto Detailing we ideally like to have access to water and power so that we can utilize our electric pressure washer with foam cannon attachment which is the safest way to perform an editor wash and get into all the areas needed. For our mobile service we can also utilize a waterless wash solution that utilizes much less water to actually perform the wash, but when using the waterless wash solution we are not best able to professionally clean the wheel wells and other areas in the undercarriage which may be neglected and in need of a professional cleaning. We provide professional mobile interior and exterior vehicle detailing and polishing to the greater Tallahassee area. To schedule an appointment to have your vehicle serviced by Tallahassee Auto Detailing, please call or text Gabriel Wiedenhoever at (850)728-8323.