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The evolution of the car wash is quite interesting from the beginning with a crew of three or so people pushing a vehicle through a wash tunnel where human operators would have an assembly line of various tasks to do to give the vehicle a good quick wash within a matter of minutes to the first introduction of the fully automatic machine car washes which seem to have become the norm for people who wash their vehicles at all. 
The automatic car wash is quite interesting invention and can be quite amusing to a child, but the whipping of those brushes are not doing any favors for your clear coat and the automatic blowers are never good about completely drying your vehicles so it’s common for auto detailers to come out and service vehicles with some serious hard water spotting that could only be explained by an automatic car wash or possibly parking your vehicle next to a sprinkler system. Automatic car washes seemed to be all the rage in the 1980s to the 2000s,  but it’s not uncommon to see old car washes closing up shop and some new franchises an detailing shops pop up. 

An interesting car wash solution that seems to be gaining attention in some of the other parts of the country is Spiffy Wash or which was started first as an extension tor a string of tunnel automatic car wash shops which operated a few vans that would come out to the customers location to service their vehicles on the spot. This engagement started to grow and they realized that there might be a bustling market for auto detailing services with the new push towards convenience. Working professionals in some of these bigger cities like Charlotte, Dallas or Los Angeles heavily utilize apps to get food or catch a ride and so why not have an app where with a push or a button you could have your vehicle either maintenance washed or professionally detailed. 

Auto detailing is nothing new and mobile detailing seems to be on the side of perfect completion with a whole laundry list of various auto detailing services you could choose from people that have no physical or online presence and only get passed around and generate business through word of mouth. One of the solutions that Spiffy wanted to bring was a different image to the rather scrappy auto detailing business of people riding around in rather old vans in some off the class a office parks with high end import and domestic vehicles. 

Spiffy wash found a little niche for itself and it will be interesting to see what the future holds for the mobile car wash industry as they seem to expanding their service offerings to being more than just auto wash and detailing to offering basic maintenance, oil changes and tire rotations along with flirting with idea of offering refueling as well. It’s unclear how much they want to diversify away from the core of auto wash and detailing, but there may indeed be a super niche market that would want all of those services performed as a mobile operation.  

As of March of 2020, spiffy is not serving the Tallahassee area and so if you need a quality mobile car wash or detailing service for either the interior and/ or exterior of you car, truck, van or suv please don’t hesitate to book an appointment with Tallahassee Auto Detailing by either calling, texting or scheduling online.