Griots Garage PFM Wax Removal Towel

Wax removal just got a whole lot easier!

Pure Freakin’ Magic! You’ll never come across a detailing product that is more aptly named than Griot’s new PFM (Pure Freakin’ Match) Wax Removal Towels. How good are they, exactly? The best you’ve ever used – guaranteed! Griots Garage PFM Wax Removal Towels cut through wax residue like a hot knife through butter. Even those stubborn waxes that are normally difficult to remove are effortlessly wiped off thanks to the magical design of the PFM Wax Removal Towels.

If you’ve been in the detailing game long enough, you’re well aware that not all microfiber towels are created equal. Nobody knows this better than Richard Griot, which is why he and his team set out to develop a microfiber towel that actually increases the performance of the wax by making it easier to wipe off.

Griots Garage PFM Wax Removal Towels are thick for a reason. The thick, dense design means they won’t ball up when you use them. Use a PFM Wax Removal Towel just once and you’ll wonder how you ever detailed without it.

The downside of thick, fluffy towels is that they tend to drag across the paint, which is not ideal because friction leads to swirl marks. That’s not the case with the PFM Terry Wax Removal Towels! The long-fiber terry weave doesn’t produce the surface tension and drag that’s common with other ultra-thick towels, once again putting the PFM Wax Removal Towel in a league of its own.

Griots Garage PFM Wax Removal Towels will provide years of scratch-free detailing. This ultra-premium microfiber features rounded corners trimmed with bound-in satin edging that increases durability.