Happy New Year 2020 From Tallahassee Auto Detailing!

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As we transition into the new decade, many questions come to mind as to what may be in store for us in years and decades ahead. It is interesting reflect on the past century and what was going on a hundred years ago. The 1920’s was an era of great prosperity with a booming manufacturing sector fueled by the industrial revolution and relatively cheap energy in fossil fuels. Henry Ford and his Ford motor company were just beginning to ramp up production of the model T which would go on to being the first mass produced automobile to make America and the rest of the world mobile. The model T was affordable for practically every household and while skeptics at the time may have questioned whether or not the average consumer would have the need for individual car ownership, time has proven that there was an intense need and desire for people to own and operate their own vehicles. Today not only does the average person have their own vehicle, but we have all the needed infrastructure needed to make ground transport so feasible from the interstate highway system to new futuristic visions being tested in relation to autonomous driving.

Florida claims to be the only state in the united states where its state department of transportation has its own autonomous vehicle test track and Google among many other large technology companies have been making this promise for driverless cars being a real thing for the average consumer. This promise has been made repeatedly over the past decade and in my opinion it isn’t that big of a leap, to put it in perspective the move that Henry Ford helped to materialize moving the average consumer from a horse to a car was a bigger leap than moving from a car to a driverless car, yet the headlines and public and private efforts to develop autonomous driving is interesting and certainly has gone on to help Tesla stock have a very nice six month return closing out the year 2019.

What is known for sure is that we depend on our cars to get us from place to place and there is a whole list of various industries to support the smooth operation of our motor vehicles. The average consumer may choose to purchase a car new with the factory warranty package plus possibly an add on warranty package to ensure that they have worry-free car ownership. For others it can just be a game that we have to play to see how long these machines can go without a part failing. In either case you may have to take your vehicle in for service or repair and while some auto dealerships have a nice customer lounge and shuttle service, there still might be the inconvenience of having to take your car in for service when you otherwise would prefer not to. In other cases, you might have to take your car or truck in for service at an independent mechanic shop which may not offer the nice customer lounge of some of the new car and truck dealerships. On top of the need to keep your car or truck operating up to its best standard, it is also important to keep it clean.

Mechanical car washes can damage your vehicles clear coat or rip off trim and physical detail shops can be time consuming and add the hassle of taking it in for service, to have your vehicle professional detailed on site at your location and convenience please call Gabriel with Tallahassee Auto Detailing LLC at (850) 728 – 8323 or schedule an appointment online.