Headlight Restoration by Tallahassee Auto Detailing Services

It is interesting how cars have evolved over the years. In some of the really early days of the automobile the vehicles may have been powered by steam or even electric, but it was the internal combustion engine incorporated into an automobile that really took hold and ignited the mass produced horseless carriage or automobile industry. Some of these early cars and trucks may have had add on lanterns for lighting. Then cars transitioned to headlights with a glass enclosure. Did you know that the 1957 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham with its four headlights in front was actually technically illegal for the times. Today that seems silly considering the fact that not only have cars transitioned to being all twelve volt power or more, but we have some vehicles coming installed with ultra white xenon headlights which are blinding to apposing traffic on a two lane road. Some other interesting headlight inventions or trials and tribulations are the Porsche’s from the 80s with the rotating head lights when you turn the steering wheel and other cornering light innovations. Today some higher end vehicles might have a powerful jets stream of washer fluid to keep them clean, but some of the Mercedes Benz models from times past also had a wiper assembly for the headlights.

The overwhelming majority of headlights on cars and trucks today have a plastic lens enclosure and while this might be better in an accident, they also are made out of plastic which is susceptible to deterioration due to containment’s in the air and age. Overtime plastic headlights can get faded and clouded and even begin to yellow. In many cases these headlights can be restored.

It is often the case that yellowed headlights don’t have severe damage to the plastic lens in the forms of cracks and so a headlight restoration can be performed to bring back to life the look and clarity of your headlights. Having restored headlights going from yellowed and cloudy to clear and pretty much good as new can work wonders in improving the visual appearance of you car or truck.

The restoration of your vehicle headlights is a process by which your car or trucks headlight will be masked and then the yellowed and cloudy layer of your headlight lens is removed and then polished to perfection. Various grades of sand paper will be used to remove the yellowed surface from your headlights. A lower grade of sandpaper will be used first to most aggressively remove the containment layer from your vehicles plastic headlight lens. Then progressively higher grades of sandpaper will be used to polish away the imperfections caused by the lower more aggressive grades of sandpaper. The final step may be the use of a several thousand grit sandpaper used in a wet sanding method to polish the head light lens for a final polishing. The final polishing will use a special plastics polish to brighten the plastic headlight lens the best it can be as a restored headlight. Finally a layer of plastic sealant can be used to seal in the restoration work that has been performed on your car, truck or vans plastic headlight lens.

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