Headliner Cleaning – Tallahassee Auto Detailing

Over the years cars have become more plush with all the various finishes and compartments. Unlike the early days of the automobile when it’s basically an unfinished metal can like an early NASCAR stock car, today even trunks are finished with some nice sound elimination material and carpet or other fabric materials. Inside the cabin if most modern hardtop (non convertible or commercial) vehicles is a headliner and these headliners like all the other interior surfaces of your car, truck, van or suv can be prone to collect stains overtime. 

Cleaning a headliner can be quite a difficult task because you can only be so aggressive with it as it is being held up there with a thin layer of adhesive and so the typical cleaning methods of scrubbing or applying some steam / heat with a cleaner are ways in which you might loosen the bonds of the adhesive to remove the headliner. Some headliners have button caps and stuff holding them in, but most are primarily heals into place with a thin layer of adhesive and you don’t want to leave a bubble in your headliner or causing any portion of it to sag. For this reason you can only apply so much cleaner and light pressure in one direction to try and clean as much of the staining as possible. 

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