How Often Should You Wash Your Car

A car often represents a large investment and it is important that the necessary steps are taken to care for it so that it can in return care for you. Things such as regularly changing the oil say every three thousand miles or three months were popularized by the motor oil companies and quick lube services, but today oil filters and motor oils tend to be able to last longer than three months or three thousand miles. Yet, regularly changing the motor oil tends to be a maintenance item that is put off as long as possible. Keeping your cars exterior appearance up is a very visual sign that you can’t help but notice every time that your car is used. The buildup of road grime, add tree sap and bird droplets to the mix and you have a decent amount of containments that if left to bake in the sun will become ever increasingly harder to correct. If your car was always stored in a garage and never collected any containments it may be safe to say that you would only need to detail and/or wash it once in a blue moon, but under normal driving conditions every two weeks tends to be a good interval to have the exterior surfaces washed free of all foreign containments. The use of other exterior protection products such as wax sealants can also help extend wash intervals. A good wax should be able to last several months and paired with regular washes your exterior surfaces should be very well maintained and stay looking extra clean.