How to Deal With Hard Water Spots

Tallahassee has consistently ranked very high among lists and reports for having clean drinking water, with Wakulla Springs nearby there are great natural features that lead to some nice drinking water for Tallahassee residents, but this clean water is also used to water our lawns and gardens and in the process it may lead to some overspray or misting on our vehicles. Parking your vehicle near a sprinkler can leave hard water spots that can be very tough to remove once they have had time to dry onto the surface.

These hard water spots can make your paint appear to have polka dots or some kind of freckling going on which can detract from your cars overall appearance, especially as the sun beats down on your cars paint revealing these imperfections. To avoid having your car looking water spotted we will discuss some ways to prevent hard water from spotting your vehicle and what you can do if or when hard water deposits are left on your cars exterior surface. Well tip number one is to avoid automatic car washes that do not include an adequate drying process. Some of the car wash methods that car rental companies use to maintain their fleet are about as laughable as it gets.

Hard water spots are simply the remaining solids that make up the pH of water that are left behind once the h2o or distilled water form has converted to a vapor and evaporated from the surface. These water spots may be a result of improperly drying your vehicle after washing it with hard water or any other potential ways your car may be exposed to hard water such as parking near a sprinkler or running it through a puddle or a whole long list of potential ways your cars exterior surfaces may be exposed to hard water.

The water that comes out of the tap contains solids but if your car picked up these hard water spots from being splashed with water that was standing in a puddle you may have a much longer list of potential contaminants such as basic road grime, motor oil and other forms of dirt and debris. The rain that we get in Tallahassee Florida alone should not water spot a car and if there are no other containments on your cars surface. It is unlikely that there isn’t some form of containment on your cars surface whether it be airborne or what have you and so a light rain may actually leave some water spots, but luckily we don’t tend to get the acidic rains that occur elsewhere which may slowly cause pitting and craters to automotive painted surfaces.

A good way to protect your car against water spots is to avoid puddles or parking near sprinklers and if there exists water spotting on your car it is important to clean them off the surface as soon as possible or have a professional automotive detailing service performed by Tallahassee Auto Detailing. We will also apply a nice coat of sealant wax protection which should minimize the damage caused by these water spots that may accumulate between each complete car detailing or wash that you have performed for your vehicle.