How to Detail or Restore Plastic Surfaces

A major portion of an interior auto detailing service involves the plastic surfaces that make up door panels, trim pieces on the doors and seats and speaker grills. Plastics are great for their durability and the fact that they don’t hold heat and get red hot like some metal surfaces, owning older cars many seat belt assemblies were made out of all metal surfaces and it is not fun to reach for the seat belt after a car has been baking in a hot parking lot for hours. Now these seat belt assemblies tend to have a plastic surround which is a nice improvement, but all these plastic surfaces are exposed to these sun rays and should be protected or over time they will fade and/or crack.

The trick to restoring plastics or rejuvenating them is to “feed the surface”, using a quality protectant with a towel is not enough to get that completely rejuvenated look that appears to meet or exceed the original appearance. To feed the plastics you should instead spray on a decent amount of a quality interior protectant and then rub in the protectant by hand and letting it soak for a little while and then coming back in about thirty minutes to see that everything is evenly spread out and applying more product as needed. Once a second application has been made, you should then let the product soak in overnight and come back in the morning with a nice buffing cloth to buff the surface to provide a uniform appearance that will meet or exceed the original appearance of the interior plastic surfaces in your car.