Importance of Auto Detailing

We depend on our cars to perform as expected to get us where we need to be on time and without any interruptions and yet in many cases, we quite literally leave our cars out in the cold. A car that is left out in the elements for an extended amount of time without any washes will not look as good as one that has been well cared for with regular attention to keep the exterior surfaces free of contaminants that over time will eat away at the clear coat and then through the paint and metal to leave rust holes that in some cases may require panel replacement. Many vintage cars due to the fact that they are not structurally sound or have too much rust become not feasibly savable. While modern cars are not typically body on frame cars and have been coated in much better paints, primers and protectants, they still require some attention. The longer that contaminants are left on the exterior surfaces, the harder the issue is to correct. If you take a newly painted surface and regularly keep it clean you should have a paint job that lasts the life of the car.

Preserving Resale Value:

Auto detailing also helps with preserving as much resale value as possible. A car that has had paint work that is regularly kept free of contaminants such as bird droppings and tree sap with regular hand washes and application of paint protectants will be more appealing to a buyer on the preowned market. Used cars tend to demand lower prices than new cars with the exception of some specialty models, because some of the life of the vehicle has been used up in the form of the added millage, but also because there is some uncertainty about how the car was cared for in the past. Visual impressions of how a car looks in pictures online is what sells most cars on the preowned market or at least gets perspective buyers interested enough to inquire. A car that has nice paint work and a clean interior, thanks to regular auto detailing will be more appealing to potential buyers while preserving as much resale value as possible. When buying a preowned car there are a few things that stand out as obvious red flags of a car that has been poorly cared for and some things that generally indicate a decent used vehicle. Things such as mismatched or off brand tires are never a good sign, but a car that has been regularly detailed will show through, as some pieces, such as wheel rims and paint work that has been regularly cared for will be free of pitting or destroyed surfaces that will need more than a little touch up. There are things on a cars exterior that if left to the elements can become too far gone for the efforts of an auto detailing. Paint correction and other polishing services can only go so far in rejuvenating paint to remove oxidation and such. Regular quick detailing will speak to how all aspects of the vehicle was maintained.  


A car that has been regularly detailed will have shiny exterior surfaces that will look good with the sun beaming down on the paint and the metal flake commonly found in modern paints. A clean car can make you feel better operating it as you go about your routine tasks.  

Protection from Sun Damage:

Living in Tallahassee FL we don’t have to worry about snow storms and the road salts used to plow roadways that will really speed up the rusting process, but we generally do have a intense sun exposure that will bake the paint and the containments that may be on the surface. This baking process without a clean surface with paint protectants will fade and blister paint, causing it to eventually peel off just like your skin might if you had an intense sunburn. Keeping your car detailed with a paint sealant will act like a sunscreen for your cars paint and clear coat.

Just like the Chevron Techron promotional cars of the 90’s use to say, “A Clean Car Is A Happy Car.”