Meguiars Auto Detailing in Tallahassee FL

Henry Ford was famous for telling his staff that it doesn’t matter and that they can paint the Ford vehicles any color they would like to paint it so long as it is black. That goes back to the time of the early industrial revolution where diversity was expensive, you would have to retool the whole operation to make some change such as a change in color which allowed for this focus and assembly line set up made automobiles affordable for everyone to have a car or truck. A related business to Ford Motor Company in the early days is Meguiar’s which is a well established car care brand today that you can find in auto parts stores and big box stores across the nation and world.

Meguiar’s started over a hundred years ago as a manufacturer of furniture polish for black furniture and guess what happened shortly after the turn of the 20th century? The automobile for the average American quickly took hold and guess who was at the forefront of this? The Ford Model T which came exclusively in black and Meguiar’s was a leader in polishes for these black finishes. This was the beginning of the auto detailing business which is a derivative of the stage coach business. Meguiar’s initially specialized in making a whole line of polishes for the expert professional auto detailer market and it wasn’t until Barry Meguiar a couple generations removed who re-positioned the focus of the business to serve the average enthusiast with great promotions for the brand at car shows and other automotive enthusiast events. This had great push back in the beginning but it ended up paying over very well for the business with them becoming a leader in the car care products business, they eventually sold the brand to 3M, but today Meguiar’s does still produce some quality products at a fair price.

At Tallahassee Auto Detailing we stock a full line of car care products from Meguiar’s, Chemical Guys, Griots and Car Pro among other premium car care product brands to provide a top quality auto detailing service for your car truck or van.