Mobile Auto Window Tinting in Tallahassee FL Benefits

The many modifications we do to our cars, trucks, suvs or vans that help us distinguish our model or particular vehicle from the other. Another modification that can be done to not only increase the physical esthetic beauty of the car, but also have some functional benefit is auto window tinting. 

Tinting your automotive window glass helps provide the following benefits.

1. Added privacy

Limousines, some private investigators cars and of course FBI and other vehicles of government officials ride around with dark tint where the people inside can see out, but you can’t see in which is why there are laws in the state of Florida regulating how dark your side glass can be on the from driver and passenger glass because of the fact that you can see out and they can’t see in it may add some additional risk for traffic and other law enforcement should they have to pull you over. What’s funny is that if they really want to nit pick they can pull you over for that violation or failing to signal and often times it is because they suspect something more. There was a pretty famous case a few years ago where Rocky Money Rudolph Jr was pulled over by a Florida patrol officers for this window tint violation along a Florida interstate and the officer suspects that contraband is in the vehicle and asks to search Rocky’s Cadillac Escalade at which point the officer grabs ahold of the vehicle and Rocky decides to try to flee pulling or dragging the officer a couple hundred feet along the access road to a major interstate earning him an attempted murder charge. 

So long as it is legal having window tint film on your auto glass can add additional privacy that is not limited to only the elite. Not only does it add this extra bit of privacy and seclusion from passing traffic, but it can provide additional security as it is harder to see within the vehicle which means that if it is parked in a parking lot or garage and you are not around the vehicle and thrives come snipping around the window tint will act as a filter making it harder to see in thus preventing people from seeing any potential valuable they might other wise want to smash and grab to steal out of your vehicle while you are not attending to it.

2. Less UV ray intensity 

The sunshine in the capital city of Tallahassee FL can be quite intense especially in the summer months and just like extended exposure to the suns rays can cause your skin to burn and peel without any sunscreen or sun tan lotion to add protection. A vehicles interior that has been left unprotected and exposed to the suns rays can become damaged due to the high UV ray intensity. Tinting your automotive glass helps in preventing nearly all or about ninety nine percent of the UV rays from entering the car and damaging not only the skin on your body, but also the interior surfaces of the car. Many vehicles come from the factory with a small amount of window tinting already applied and some car dealerships will tin the windows of a new or preowned vehicle as an add on service to preparing the vehicle for sale and on top of the premium complete auto detailing of the interior and exterior and possibly some nitrogen filled tires and pin-stripping may decide to demand an extra thousand dollars or more on the vehicles price for those few easier to tackle items which probably should already be included in the dealer fee that they charge. 

So tinting your auto glass can also directly effect your health by preventing the risk of added UV sun ray exposure which can cause sun burning in the short term and possibly skin cancer in the long term.

3. Shattered Glass Protection

Some high strength jewelry cases that are deemed to be somewhat shatter proof incorporate the use of plastic and other kinds of film similar to window tint to keep the glass from shattering in the event of an impact. Whenever you see many auto accidents the couple items you often see at the scene are leaked fluids and shattered glass. Shattered glass is not good in the event of an auto accident and so having window tint on your auto glass will help ensure that the glass pane stays in one piece even though it may be shattered from the impact. So having window tint could possibly add more safety due to the fact that the auto glass won’t as easily shatter into pieces that may cut or otherwise injure you, but having window tint on your auto glass might also cause some added visibility issues which may potentially increase your risk potential of having reduced visibility and being involved in an accident. 

4. Climate Control 

Probably the main reason that people have their auto glass tinted is to control the temperature or their vehicle while it bakes in the sunshine. Having tinted windows on your vehicle can help to reduce seventy to eighty percent of the heat coming into the interior of your vehicle during the summer and in the winter help regulate the temperature somewhat better. Not to mention the fact that with a properly working climate control system the window tint will allow those systems to work much more effectively. The biggest thing however is that the window tint will prevent almost all of the suns UV rays from entering at that will allow you to feel a lot cooler in the summer. It’s never fun having the suns rays beating down on you, unless of course you want it to and have the proper protection in place.

5. Protecting your vehicles interior

It is amazing how much energy the sun has and added UV exposure to your cars interior will cause it to fade and dry out and possibly crack. It’s not uncommon to see some older Hyundai’s and Kias where the dashboard has actually begun to peel away from the firewall due to the exposure to the suns damaging UV rays over an extend period of time. With all vehicles the suns damaging rays will dry out and fade your vehicles plastics and so whether or not you decide to install window tint film on your vehicles auto glass, you should have Tallahassee Auto Detailing regularly apply some protectants to your vehicles interior surfaces which all come included with our standard complete auto detail package.

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