Oasis Express Auto Wash

Oasis Express Auto Wash is another small string of car wash locations in North Florida and Georgia. The main location in Tallahassee is located at 2324 N Monroe street, just a mile or so north of V.I.P Detailing and Car Care Services. Oasis Express Auto Wash claims to be in pursuit of the perfect car wash but is similar to Blue Water Car Wash on Capital Cir NE in that it offers quick service washes that combine heavy equipment with your individual attention with their vacuum stations. The Unlimited Wash Pass at Oasis car wash provides unlimited $20 washes for only $29.99 per month. The drawback is that it is only for one vehicle and they will apply a tacky window sticker to your windshield or tag and you are automatically billed every month and must provide at least 5 days notice for cancellations. If you are constantly getting your car very dirty the Unlimited Car Wash club membership from Oasis Car Express Car Wash may be attractive in that it offers all the basics of a car wash plus their special lava shield and oasis hot wax shine. Oasis Car Wash may be suitable for some, but for those who value a high quality car wash and auto detailing utilizing premium products they know there are professional mobile auto detailing services such as Tallahassee Auto Detailing which will come to you and service your cars interior and exterior surfaces at your convenience. Make An Appointment Today.