Rain To Wash Your Car?

With severe weather looming over Tallahassee today with a storm that is expected to have severe wind gusts and lots of rain in little amount of time some of the concerns that may come to our attention include basic safety and whether or not the city will be able to maintain power for its customers. The local schools and universities will be closing early on February, 6 2020.

Another thing that comes to my mind during rain storms is how some people when it comes to car care figure that leaving it to the rain storms to wash their vehicles is an adequate solution for proper car care on the exterior surfaces of your vehicle. I am not sure if that is a joke or what not, but I guess it isn’t surprising to see some less than ten year old vehicles driving around with completely shot paint jobs and discolored wheels. If your car is protected with a good quality wax and polish then the exterior surfaces will work well to bead water and prevent things from adhering to your paint although there are still some foreign substances that may come up such as road grime or bird droppings. These need added attention, but aside from rims, tires and areas near the wheel wells of your vehicle, a properly maintained vehicle with a nice coat of wax may actually look halfway decent after a strong downpour of rain in Tallahassee if your aren’t actually driving your vehicle in the rain or on wet streets as our rain water doesn’t seems to leave hard water deposits if there aren’t bad foreign containment’s already on the surface or not enough rain to wash it off before the last bit of rain water dries off your vehicle. 

Maintains your vehicle not only mechanically can be quite beneficial in extending the life of your vehicle. Tallahassee Auto Detailing specializes in complete cosmetic auto detailing both inside and out, we can handle anything from maintenance car washes to full interior deep scrubs and exterior compounding and polishing.