Soft Touch Car Wash Tallahassee FL

There are various forms of transportation that are widely used throughout the world and while in some more metropolitan areas the use of underground subways and trains prove to be one of the most efficient and widely used forms of transportation of people and goods, in areas like Tallahassee Florida we still utilize our vehicles heavily on a daily basis to move us from place to place. As we depend on our vehicles to provide us transportation regardless off the weather conditions, the interior and exterior surfaces of our vehicles possibly get a little dirty providing the need for a full interior and exterior cleaning. 

Tallahassee Auto Detailing LLC specializes in full car detailing which is a through cleaning of all exterior and interior surfaces of your vehicle to make them look as good as possible. We specialize in soft touch services to safely clean your vehicle or if you want we are able to restore some exterior clear coat surfaces damaged by mechanical automatic car washes. A popular service for us that seems to be in high demand for us is the interior. When the exterior surfaces of a car get dirty I guess it isn’t so much of a concern for people as if the interior surfaces are cleaned, not to mention the false perception that an automatic car wash is a good enough solution for a dirty car exterior. These interior surfaces however are often overlooked even by the “full service car washes” in town and so when an interior surface is in need of a cleaning is the time in which many people call a professional auto detailer to come out and service their vehicle. We pride ourselves in being able to clean up various interior and exterior surfaces to restore your car or trucks appearance to looking as good as possible. 

Our complete auto detailing service takes two auto detailing technicians approximately two to three hours to complete and adding in a small buffer of time to get to each location we allocate four hours for each complete auto detailing service. To start an auto detailing service we usually prefer to have access to water and power outlets so that we can power all of our various tools. 

We prefer to start with an exterior wash as items such as cleaning the door sills will cause us to want to get into the vehicle and so cleaning the exterior first allows for us to not have any added unnecessary overlap of efforts. We will first rinse the vehicle to remove any loose dirt and other contaminants loose enough to be removed with a soft stream of water and then we will utilize a premium automotive shampoo which will work to bring all the containments to the surface where a chenille wash mitt can softly remove or agitate the contaminants enough to the point where a second rinse will safely remove the containment’s from the exterior surface of your vehicle where a premium drying towel can be used to provide a soft touch to the final drying process. Once the vehicle has had the exterior washed we can finish off the exterior with a wax or polish depending on the service you would like. Our standard complete detailing package includes a spray wax that contains carnuba wax which is a much weaker version of the ivory carnuba paste waxes that can be applied as part of a polishing service. This carnuba spray wax that is included with the standard complete detail will leave a brilliant shine to cars and trucks with exterior paint jobs that are already in pristine condition and will provide more so look as opposed to protection, meaning to maintain this look we recommend that you keep your car or truck cleaned/ detailed at least monthly. The second option for the finishing touches for the vehicle detailing process of the exterior is to have a premium polish and or compound applied. The premium polish is a more concentrated sealant/ protectant which must be applied and then buffed out, leaving a brilliant shine that will last for many months providing added protection from the suns harmful UV rats along with providing a barrier from harmful containment’s such as sap or bird droppings. With a nice polish on the surface of your paint it should be easy to remove any of these contaminants without adding any additional damage. Some containment’s such as sap can over time be almost impossible to remove without leaving some kind of damage to the clear coat behind. The other option is to have a compound and polish applied. The compound will remove any small superficial scratches and provide a nice surface for which the polish will really help the paint present well. 

Once the vehicles exterior has been cleaned and the finish has been waxed or polished we will the proceed to clean and dress the tires as our premium petroleum based tire dressing needs a little bit of time to dry and adhere to the tire properly to remove as much of the slinging as possible. 

We then move onto the interior where we will utilize various brushes to loosen up the debris for the shop vac to extract. We then clean and protect all the plastic, vinyl and leather surfaces. For the carpet, cloth and fabric surfaces we can utilize a hot water extractor to remove many of the harder to remove stains to leave your vehicles interior looking as good as the exterior. The final step is to clean the windows both inside and out and go over the vehicle one last time to ensure that everything has been done correctly and your vehicle looks properly detailed. To schedule your complete car detailing service please schedule an appointment online or call us at (850)728-8323.