Spring Car Wash & Auto Detailing

It’s that season when the flowers are starting to bloom, bees are starting to make their honey and the lawn mowers and weed eaters are starting to pollute the early morning hours in the neighborhood. It’s also the time when we may be at peak pollen season and your car, truck or SUV could use a good wash or detailing. We recommend that you regularly keep contaminants off the surface of your car to ensure that your exterior paint and clear coat can last as long as possible. 

When it comes time to professionally clean your car their may be varying degrees of detail that you would like to go into and that is why there is a variation between auto washing and auto detailing. Even within the category of auto wash or auto detail their may be various definitions. At its simplest it comes down to what you want, for some they simply want to clean the exterior and for that they figure that the quick machine wash on their daily commute is a good option especially if there is some monthly membership deal or something or it’s only a couple buck extra when you fill up with fuel at the local self serve gas station. It’s amazing what damage those machine car washes can do and so we strongly encourage you to avoid machine automatic car washes whenever possible as the physical damage of dented panels and ripped off trim happens every so often, but every time you run your vehicle through those dirty brushes you are shortening the life of your cars clear coat and paint. With an auto wash shampoo that you can pick up practically anywhere you should be able to do it yourself or you could hire an auto detailer to wash or detail your car. 

Tallahassee Auto Detailing is here to serve your auto wash and detailing needs for everything from dune buggies to RV campers. For some customers they prefer to have your basic maintenance wash done and we can perform this within an hour or so and with a group or with multiple cars we may even be able to provide a discount and be comparable to say super suds or some of those full service car washes. On the other end of the spectrum we can spend many hours focusing on speciality auto detailing and polishing. We pride ourselves in our ability to compound, polish and correct paint that has been damaged by automatic machine car washes. There is nothing quite as satisfying for some as to have a clean vehicle and Tallahassee Auto Detailing is here to be on of your top mobile alternatives for full service car washing and speciality detailing.