Spring Cleaning To Assist in Auto Depreciation

Certain specialty vehicles can actually go up in value when you drive them off the lot if you were able to take delivery at the MSRP, some examples would be the Ford GT from about fifteen years ago, the Ferrari Enzo or more recently the Dodge Demon. All of those cars were specialty vehicles with a very limited number being produced with a high demand and low supply, meaning that if you were one of the ones to get your order in and take delivery at the MSRP, you had a big market of interested buyers willing to pay you more for the pleasure of owning the crown jewel of a vehicle that you were able to acquire. 

While those stories are interesting, for the most part vehicles get sold new and start to depreciate, some more rapidly than others. Usually some of the luxury sport coupes tend to top the list and the Aston Martin from about 15 years ago is an interesting example of a vehicle that when sold new had a sticker price of over one hundred and fifty thousand dollars, but today a nice example with low miles can be had for under fifty thousand. I guess as a percentage difference it isn’t that much worse in depreciation than say a three series BMW, but knowing that one of these can be had for around $50,000 is an interesting goal to reach towards. 

With any vehicle some things you can do to keep the depreciation in check is to obviously consider the vehicle and what your primary goals are in owning the vehicle, if you are scared about taking a depreciation hit and only want cheap reliable transportation you probably want to avoid new imported luxury brands. Although if you desire so if the cool novelty features that are sometimes only available with the foreign luxury brands, then maybe that is how you prioritize things and should go with that type of vehicle, but with any vehicle there is value in properly maintaining it both inside and out.

Tallahassee Auto Detailing can help you maintain or improve the cosmetic appearance of both the exterior and interior of your vehicle. Having worked to maintain the cosmetic appearance of many of our own vehicles it may be a surprise to learn how many miles are on the car or how much use it has seen, because for the majority of its life it has been professionally detailed. While the average consumer may not want to spend quite that much time or money maintaining the cosmetic appearance to that extent, practically every car and consumer can benefit from a complete detail job every season or two and regular maintenance washes and details at a higher frequency.

Tallahassee Auto Detailing specializes in both interior and exterior detailing for your car, truck, van, suv or other vehicle and so if your vehicle is ready for a spring cleaning or detailing please feel free to schedule online or text or call us to schedule an appointment to have your vehicle professionally cleaned.