Super Suds Car Wash

The Super Suds Car Wash locations along with the Super Lube quick lube shops and Super Service full automotive repair shop locations have been a part of the Tallahassee and surrounding areas for decades. Dr. Doug Behrman was first a marketing professor at Florida State University when the opportunity of the quick lube oil change business captured his attention and so the Super Lube quick service oil change service was created to serve Tallahassee. Super Lube has grown beyond quick service oil changes and the Tallahassee area, one of those related services spawned was the Super Suds Car Wash locations which combined automatic car washes with hand drying. Your vehicle is first machine washed and then the finishing touches are applied by onsite employees. This is a nice alternative and their $27.95 deluxe package includes this machine wash, hand towel dry, wax and tire shine. For $27.95 you still are subjecting your vehicle to a machine wash which can end up damaging your car and there are not too many locations to be conveniently located along your commute. Tallahassee Auto Detailing comes to you and provides a one hundred percent hand wash and soft towel drying service that starts at around $30 per visit for our weekly customers with coupes and other smaller sedans.