Take 5 Car Wash Tallahassee FL

At the intersection of Mahan and Capital Circle NE there has been a super lube location for many years and recently the super lube locations in Tallahassee FL have been converted to Take 5 oil change locations, but that particular Take 5 location has maintained its car wash and that is Take 5 car wash location at Mahan and Capital Circle NE is the one car wash in town that I have really taken notice of as there is usually traffic backed up on Capital Circle NE heading north across Mahan and that gives enough time to glance over at the vehicle in the car wash tunnel at that Take 5 oil change location. Automatic car washes seem interesting and when a vehicle is reasonably wet after going through the automatic car wash it might not look that bad and seem like an improvement over a dirty car, but as far as extending and preserving the life of your vehicles exterior finish an automatic car wash is not the best solution. A quality hand wash with premium car care exterior wash shampoos and waxes are the only way to go. To schedule a complete vehicle detail which includes a professional car cleaning of both the interior and exterior surfaces your vehicle by the professional car care team at Tallahassee Auto Detailing please call or text Gabriel Wiedenhoever at (850)728-8323.