Tallahassee Auto Detailing Aluminium Wheel Restoration

Over the years the technology included in our cars and trucks has changed a lot from all the different safety features with seatbelts, headrests and of course air bags and anti lock braking systems. It’s good to know that things are improving with automotive technology, but this improvement has come at a cost as the average cost of an automobile on the showroom floor or new car lot today costs more consumer price index inflation adjusted than it did back in the 1970’s when cars were more so metal boxes that traveled faster than horses.

One unique change has been with the introduction of stamp allow rims, gone are the days of stamp steel rims with plastic or metal hub caps. Today rims are coming as all one piece and while many rims may be painted, some rims are the bare aluminum metal with a couple coats of clear on top. These clear coated aluminum rims can be susceptible to browning and damage over time. Especially on some of the older European cars you might notice these rims being orangish brown with the clear coat actually turning white making the wheel rim look very unattractive. Luckily there is a way to restore aluminum wheel rim appearance to looking better than they do in their damaged condition due to extreme heat and use from age.

To restore an aluminum wheel rim you can use various grits if sand paper to remove the clear coat finish from the rim which will get rid of the yellowish white discoloration from the surface finish of the wheel rim. Once this clear coat layer has been removed the wheel can then be polished with a mag wheel polish which if properly performed will make the wheel rim look good. Another option is to just prepare and repaint the wheel rims with a specialized wheel primer and paint that is specifically designed to stand up to the harsh road conditions exposed to a car or trucks wheel rim.

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