Tallahassee Auto Detailing Caring For Racing Stripes

There are various ways in which to accessorize a car or truck and make it unique to our own individual styles and preferences. Some people like to upgrade or modify the stance of the vehicle by changing the ride height and/or the wheel rims to modify the physical appearance. Other simple modification that can change the appearance are racing stripes either down the side or top of the vehicles hood, roof and trunk lid.

These racing stripes even come standard on some vehicle such as the pony cars (Camaro, Challenger, Mustang) along with some other more sporty vehicles such as the Mini Cooper. These vinyl racing stripes and decals must be maintained properly in order to maintain their good physical appearance. If these vinyl stripes and decals are not properly cared for they may over time begin to deteriorate with water spotting and etching and while you may think that these vinyl decals are toast and need of replacement, it might be a possibility that they can be restored with the proper products, tools and techniques if it has not been restored too many times before and the adhesion is still working as it should.

To restore a vinyl racing stripe or decal first the edges must be masked with some masking tape to ensure that the edges are not damaged during the restoration process. Once the decals have been masked with the masking tape a professional auto detailer grade polishing compound with min orbital polisher can be used at low speed to remove these superficial imperfections from the vinyl decal, leaving a fully restored vinyl decal racing stripe to make your vehicle really stand out or be unique to you. To schedule an appointment to have your car, truck, SUV or van professional detailed by Tallahassee Auto Detailing please call or text Gabriel Wiedenhoever at (850)728-8323