Tallahassee Ceramic Coatings

Ceramic coating is a new type of detailing process that utilizes a ceramic product to protect the clear coat and painted surface or you vehicle. These ceramic coatings are basically made from many of the same ingredients that make up glass. A ceramic coating is rather expensive and can be harder to apply to make look right and is one of those things where preparation is the majority of the work. To prepare the surface of the vehicle you first want to ensure that the surface is clean and cool to the touch and free of any containment’s that may require extra effort for removal and remedying.

These ceramic coatings act as a more permanent sealant for vehicle clear coats and are claimed to last upwards of several years or more if applied correctly. The amount professional detailers charge to apply a ceramic coating to a vehicle can be quite costly in the range of $500 or more and this begs the question of whether it is really worth it. These ceramic coatings are a newer technology in the car care world and certainly do make the surface of your vehicle look as good as if it was polished with a high quality ivory carnuba wax or polish, but I am skeptical as to if any coating can last the stated five years that some of these ceramic coatings are claimed by the manufactures to last. Even a good clear coat doesn’t last five years if not cared for so a ceramic coating is not a apply and forget type of solution, it still requires regular care and attention. If you regularly wash your vehicle by hand finishing it with a premium carnuba spray wax between annual paint polishing with a premium polish/ wax such as Griots Garage Best of Show Wax, I am confident that your vehicle will look comparable and be well protected from the elements. To have your vehicle detailed and/or polished please contact Tallahassee Auto Detailing at (850) 728 – 8323