Tallahassee Ceramic Coatings

There are varying degrees of paint protection, everything from your classic cream waxes to film protection and now ceramic coatings. Ceramic coatings bond to the existing clear coat finish and provide durable paint protection lasting anywhere from 1 to 7 years all while eliminating the need to wax your car. At Tallahassee Auto Detailing we carry a full line of professional grade ceramic car coatings including; Ceramic Pro, Opti Coat Pro & Pro Plus, Gtechniq Crystal Serum (our most popular choice), and Feynlab. 

Ceramic coatings are the latest in high quality paint protection with their ability to provide paint protection against light marring, UV rays, oxidation, chemical etching, stains and more. Ceramic paint coatings bond to the clear coat finish to create a hydrophobic layer that provides a high gloss shine and long lasting paint protection that many traditional waxes and paint sealants struggle to match.

Ceramic coatings are not only for your paint and clear coat, some of the best magic we have seen ceramic coating products deliver is in bringing back a deep rich black look to faded black plastic trim. There are also ceramic coatings made specific for interior leather, vinyl, plastic, fabric and carpet. You can use a ceramic coating product on practically every surface of the interior or exterior of your vehicle to provide added protection and make detailing your vehicle easier.

While these ceramic coating products are stated to last up to 7 years, being exposed to the elements these products will break down and loose their protection capability over times and we do recommend that you have an annual touch up if you go with the ceramic coating route along with a regular maintenance detailing schedule. However you can also achieve very good results with a high quality cream wax and regular detailing schedule. We can’t stress the importance of the regular detailing schedule in maintaining the best shine and paint protection for your vehicle.