The invention of the automobile has really worked wonders to shape the world post industrial revolution. Transportation and transportation infrastructure is very important for the success of not only the car business, but so many related industries. In fact, looking at some of the car businesses in the US and their disappointing quarterly results for 2019 with the exception of Tesla would make one possibly assume that they are not creating value or that they are creating value but are unable to capture much of the value they create. Even still I remain skeptical that e scooters will ever be as big as the Ford Motor Company was in its heyday in real dollar terms and certainly not when considering it as a fraction of the overall GDP of the United States.

With all the failures in the electric car business, Tesla seems to have survived and apparently thrived, beating exceptions and for the most part proving people like Mitt Romney or Jim Cramer wrong. Now with promises that the new Tesla Roadster will be the fastest production quarter mile car, beating out the Dodge Demon it will be interesting what the future holds, I am curious to know if we will see the roaring 2020’s in terms of economic progress and what if any unrecognized industries will be the leader in that growth.