Tree Sap Removal -Tallahassee Auto Detailing

It can sometimes hard to keep your cars out of the sun while still avoiding tree sap. Those sun reflectors to place over your car or trucks dashboard only go so far in keeping the interior of your vehicle cool on a hot summer day and even with remote start technology and powerful climate control systems / air conditioners it is sometimes hard to resist parking in a shady spot near trees or the only places to park are near trees. While trees provide nice shade and needed oxygen, many trees produce tree sap that is hard to remove.

When tree sap is freshly / recently dropped onto your vehicles finish it is often easier to remove. After the the sun has time to bake the tree sap onto the exterior finish of your vehicle it can be almost impossible to remove. Tree sap removal is a common request of auto detailers, but there is only so much a professional auto cleaning service can do to remove tree sap and restore potential damage caused. If you took some preventative car care measures such as sealing your vehicles exterior clear coat finish with a ceramic sealant wax or premium automotive polish the surface of your exterior would be sealed and provide a less desirable surface for the tree sap to adhere to and thus make tree sap easier to remove. If the clear coat surface of your vehicle is unsealed and been automatic mechanical car wash washed, the clear coat will be damaged in a way that provides the perfect bonding surface for the tree sap. Think of the painting process is to first prepare the surface by first scuffing or sanding it and then priming and then applying a base coat, regular coats and then possibly some kind of finishing touch of clear.

When you take your vehicle through a mechanical automatic wash the brushes are spinning super fast and often not rinsed and properly cleaned between washes leaving all the sand and other debris embedded within the brushes from previous washes to be then violently whipped down the side of your car or truck leaving millions of micro scratches and scuffs which leaves your clear coat in a vulnerable state for further damage. Then when tree sap and sticky debris land onto the exterior surface of your car or truck they will have the ideal scuffed surface to adhere to. Then if left unattended this tree sap can almost become impossible to remove and even if removed it may leave behind clear coat damage.

To properly remove tree sap from the exterior surface of your car a standard bug and tar remover may be all that is needed to remove the sap if it is fresh, but if the sap has had time to bake onto the surface, a professional auto detailer would often use a solvent such as a super concentrated rubbing alcohol or WD-40 to pretreat the area and allow the chemical to lessen the adhesion bond the sap has made to the finish.

The next step would be the actual removal and so a stiff tool may be needed to try and push the sap off of the surface. A wooden popsicle stick or rounded plastic piece may work well to rub the sap off the surface. Then the finishing touch would be to see if any damage has been left behind such as superficial scratching in which a compound and polish procedure may be ideal.

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