Turo Car Rental Cleaning Schedule | Tallahassee Auto Detailing

With the rise of the sharing economy there are a few car share technologies such as Turo. Turo is a way you can list and rent your car out to people instead of customers them going through the traditional car rental agencies. This service allows customers to possibly rent out more unique vehicles or possibly get a better combined experience.

With the current COVID 19 outbreak and travel being at some historic lows, the car rental business is hurting with Hertz one of the leaders in the car rental business considering bankruptcy. 

If you happen to be a part of Turo and would like you vehicle to be professionally maintained and cleaned on a regular basis feel free to reach out to Tallahassee Auto Detailing and we would be happy to set up a regular professional car cleaning service schedule for either your personal vehicle(s) or those which you rent out to others on platforms such as Turo.